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Jun 11
What to do if your product isn’t growing

As a founder, product lead at Pinterest and PM for a couple products at Google, as well as a growth partner for Initialized Capital, I’ve seen many product teams struggle to grow. Many products start out with a bang. Some find product-market fit with sustained growth. A few have gone through spurts of hyper-growth. But more often than not, I’ve seen most of them linger then fizzle. “Founders launch their product, wonder why it isn’t growing like gangbusters and then immediately try to fix their growth problem.” They turn to growth…

Jun 11
Should startups care about profitability? More news at 10

There are certain topics that even some of the smartest people I talk with who aren’t startup oriented can’t fully grok. One of them is whether profitability matters. It’s common cocktail party chatter to hear people confidently pronounce that some well known startup is sure to blow up. Or you know the other one — the one where Snapchat lost $2 billion in just one quarter. Two-fucking-billion! What a disaster! Except that they didn’t actually lose $2 billion in cash. It was a stock option incentive related “expense” but I bet you didn’t…

Jun 11
One thing separates creators from consumers

Enterprise applications are complex — there is an insane amount of information that is to be displayed that contains data from various sources, modules and users. There are complex graphs, usage patterns, and lists of data that need to be skimmed through before one can make sense of what the console is getting at. “The biggest challenge with designing enterprise applications is the lack of examples of patterns that work or don’t work in specific scenarios.” Since most enterprise applications contain sensitive data pertaining to the company, there are very few examples out…

May 26
Explore the Culinary Delights of The MAINE Street Eatery in Studio City

  The MAINE Street Eatery, located in Studio One Hotel, Studio City, is a culinary gem that offers a unique and unforgettable dining experience. With its vibrant atmosphere, impeccable service, and mouthwatering dishes, it has quickly become one of the most sought-after restaurants in Dubai. Whether you’re a local resident or a tourist visiting the city, The MAINE Street Eatery is a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts.   Reviews of The MAINE Street Eatery in Studio City:   1. “”Absolutely loved the food at The MAINE Street Eatery! The menu is…

May 26
Discover Da Fausto: A Culinary Journey of Authentic Italian Cuisine in Dubai

Da Fausto is a hidden gem located within the beautiful Al Habtoor Polo Resort in Dubai. This renowned restaurant offers an unforgettable culinary journey filled with the authentic flavors of Italy. With a warm and inviting atmosphere, Da Fausto promises a dining experience that will transport you to the heart of Italy with each bite.   Reviews from Satisfied Customers: 1. Stephen Ip: “The food was amazing, excellent service, and great outdoor vibes. Would highly recommend the truffle pizza, diavola pizza, scampi pasta, carbonara pasta, and the tiramisu! Everything is very…

May 06
Exceptional Facilities and Resources at The Sheffield Private School in Dubai

Discover the Exceptional Facilities and Resources at The Sheffield Private School As a leading private school in Dubai, The Sheffield Private School (TSPS) is renowned for its commitment to providing a world-class educational experience. From state-of-the-art academic facilities to cutting-edge technology and specialised support services, the school’s campus is designed to cater to the diverse needs of its students.   Campus Overview: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation   TSPS boasts a spacious and modern campus strategically located in the heart of Dubai. The campus features a blend of traditional architecture…